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[RE]FRESH: A Fashion CoalitionTM is a fashion adventure of new and repurposed clothing, shopping, music, and parties.  It is a venture of the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition with the purpose of providing affordable clothing to teens and twenties, community service opportunities, and support for the programs of the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency that strives to create permanency in foster children’s lives by recruiting and retaining foster and adoptive families.

Together we can make [RE]FRESH a great place to shop, donate, volunteer, and just have a great time.  It’s a community gathering place where you will feel safe knowing your with friends.  Explore this site to learn what [RE]FRESH is all about.  By being here, you’re already proving that you want to make a difference.  [RE]FRESH shows us that helping others can be a lot of fun – and quite fashionable.

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