Search through your closet (and your friends’ closets) for new and gently-used clothing for teens and twenties.  Trying to decide what to give?   Donate things you’d lend to your best friend!

For You:
Donations can be made during store hours by calling 314.881.0331.

With Others:
Get your school or group together to hold a [RE]FRESH clothing drive!  Shelley ( will help you with all of the details.

Donation Box:
Simply make a right into the alley behind the building and park in the designated donation parking space.  Need help bringing your donations inside?  Call 314.881.0331 and someone will be outside to assist you.

Current donation needs:
We always need clothing and accessories for teens and twenties. Right now, here are some of the season items we are looking for:
- Guys casual clothing  (#1 Need right now!)
- Formal Dresses (Donate a formal dress and receive a $5 [RE]FRESH REWARD)
- Spring and Summer Clothing and Accessories

Questions? Need more information? Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you very soon!

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